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We are a family owned, home based business located in Northwest Iowa.  

Our business was started due to our own personal pet loss.   

Our Story.

In November 2002 Scott's faithful K-9 Deputy Bear was taken from our house, shot & killed and left in a ditch a couple of miles from our home.  After his tragic loss, we wanted to have him cremated, but had a difficult time finding a company who would do the job.  Our business was started because of the loss of Bear.  


We are also horse owners.  After the loss of a foal while living in Colorado and no other options available, we had to call a rendering truck to come pick up the body.  This was an emotional nightmare that no one should ever have to ​experience.  


Our business was started from our own personal loss with the hopes of helping others with their pet loss.  

Depty Scott Devereaux with K-9 Deputy Bear

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