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Ashes to Ashes Pet Cremation Service provides the following services.  We are very flexible and make every attempt to accommodate your pet cremation needs.  If there is a service you are looking for which is not listed, please discuss this with us so we may assist you in making the passing of your beloved pet as comfortable as possible.  

Private Cremations for Pets

This is a single animal cremation.  Your pet is cremated alone. Fees are based on the size/breed/species of your pet.  

Weight              Price

0-20 lbs            $  95.00           

21-50 lbs          $ 105.00             

51-100 lbs        $ 115.00      

101-120 lbs      $ 130.00  

121-140 lbs      $ 150.00

141-160 lbs      $ 160.00

161-180 lbs.     $ 190.00

181-200 lbs.     $ 200.00

200-250 lbs      $ 235.00       


Cremains are in a plastic bag and returned to you in a plastic urn which is placed inside of a velvet bag.  We also include a personalized name card with the rainbow bridge poem.  Personalized urns are available.  


Mass/Disposal Cremations - $35.00 per animal

Animals are cremated together.  This service is for pet owners who do not want their pet's cremains returned.  



  Horse/Equine Cremations
                                   Mini          Pony          Non-Draft       Draft
Return All Cremains      $350.00       $575.00       $700.00          $850.00
No Cremains     $300.00       $525.00       $650.00          $800.00 
  • Upon request, at no additional cost, we will trim your horse's mane, tail, and return shoes to you with the cremains.  


  • Equipment available to pick up your deceased horse at your location or other designated location.  


Other Large Animal Cremations

Please contact us for a quote.  We are able to accommodate most large animals.  


Mileage$1.50 per mile (round trip)

  • Contact us for information on providing for your cremation needs

  • Flexible billing to accommodate your clinic

Urns & Memorial Items

We have several urn options available on our urns and memorial items page. You are welcome to provide an urn to us or have an urn shipped to us from another source. 


Please contact us with your needs and we will help you find the right urn for you and your pet.  


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